cabbage steaks

You may all be thinking a cabbage steak is the last thing I want to eat.  But trust me, they're delicious.  The first time I made them they were so good I made them again two more times that week.  Trust me, you just need to try it out.

Cabbage Steaks

1 head cabbage
1 Tbsp Olive oil (1 Tbsp for each steak)
Garlic (chopped up fine)

Preheat oven to 400.  Cut as many steaks as you need 1 inch thick.  Lay on lightly greased cookie sheet.  Spread 1 Tbsp olive oil over cabbage steak.  May need more or less depending on size of steak. You just want to make sure the entire top facing up is evenly coated.  Then sprinkle as little or as much garlic on top as you want.  Finish with salt and pepper.  Bake for 20 minutes until edges are lightly browned.  Enjoy!

Blessing day cakes

Little Saylor Kate was blessed last week and I was asked to make a couple cakes!  Such a fun day to celebrate this little girl, and so great that my sister and her family were able to come to Utah so all family could be there.  My sister wanted cookies and cream and chocolate.  Such a fun day with plenty of cake for everyone.

If you need a cake email Joni for pricing and details.

Cookies and Cream


Smash Cake

I did this smash cake a few weeks back for the cutest little boy!  How fun to do black, gold, and white!  Different than your regular blue.  So fun and so cute!

If you need a cake, email Joni.

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