Dollar Store Dessert

I (Joni) have a love for the dollar store.  No one seems to like it very much, but I go there all the time!  This dessert is called the dollar store dessert because I got my main ingredient at the dollar store.  If you haven't been there lately you need to go!  They sale name brand items that you would pay double, sometimes triple at the grocery store.  I have some Christmas crafts I am going to be doing with items I got at the dollar store and you would never know.  A few of my favorite things you can find are tupperware, you might say well you don't use it that often but here at our house we always have leftovers so its great to get 3 lids and 3 bowls all for a dollar.  They have an awesome art section where I get lots of crayons and paper all for a dollar.  They have spices all for a dollar.  There seasonal section is seriously amazing.  When I share these crafts you will be going to there for sure.  Hope you like this dessert and find yourself at the dollar store soon, and loving it as much as me.

Dollar Store Dessert

2 small loaves pound cake (dollar store)
1 package vanilla pudding
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 pkg coconut

1. Cut loaves into small slices about 1/4 inch thick.  Cover 8x8 baking dish with a layer of slices.

2. Prepare pudding according to package.

3. Whip whipping cream until stiff peaks form.

4. Gently fold whipping cream and 2 cups prepared vanilla pudding  until blended well.

5. Pour even layer over pound cake.

6. sprinkle coconut on top.

7. Repeat layers until you reach the top of the dish ending with a layer of pudding/cream mixture and coconut.

8. Refrigerate one hour before serving.

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