Miss Saylor Kate

Kara woke up Monday September 29 like any other day not even thinking she would soon meet her new little love.  She was not feeling quite right and decided to call the doctor just in case.  The doctor said to come in and get checked out.  They found that fluid was low and that the baby needed to come out today.  Kara could not believe it.  She called her husband who was working at a nearby hospital and told him to pick up stewart from preschool and get to the hospital.  She then called my mom who could not believe it.  I then get a phone call from my mom who is crying saying I am packing my bag and I need you to take me to the airport.  So my mom made it just a half hour before she was born and stewart was beyond excited to have his YaYa there.  All is well and they are doing great.  Miss Saylor Kate was 5lbs 6oz 18 inches long.  She is beautiful and loved beyond she will ever know.  I cannot wait to get back there to snuggle, kiss, and just stare at her.

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