Craft Day!

I (Joni) am so not a crafty person!  I do try and most the time I am pretty happy with the finished product!  The hubs and baby and I recently moved and I am trying to decorate the place on a budget so I am doing alot  of it myself!  I made this wreath and was quite happy with the outcome!  I love it because I can change the ribbon and have it for many holidays!


1 straw wreath form
Glue gun
1 bag spanish moss
Ribbon of choice

This is quite simple, the only hard part is not burning your fingers.  All you do is start putting glue on the wreath form and sticking your spanish moss to it.  You just have to work with the spanish moss, pulling and placing where you need it.  Its quite messy so I suggest doing it outside.

I got all the supplies at Hobby Lobby.  For the ribbon I used a mustard burlap ribbon but you could do anything you like.  I hope you enjoy this craft.  I sure do!  It looks great on our front door!

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