Metal (Cardboard) Letters

This craft is beyond easy and its inspired by Anthropologie.  They have these amazingly cute metal letters they sale for home decor but the downside is they are SO expensive.  I found a tutorial on how to make them and they were so easy and with everything less than $20!  That is my kind of craft!  I made a sign for my kitchen and I have had so many people ask where I purchased those metal letters and when I tell them they are cardboard they cant believe it.  They really do look like metal!  Happy crafting!


Cardboard letters ( Hobby Lobby sells them in all sizes.  Dont forget to print your weekly coupon from them to get them even cheaper.)

Matte black spray paint
Matte metallic silver spray paint
sand paper

Thats all the supplies you need!  So easy!  First you will give the letters two good coats of black spray paint, letting the first coat dry before applying the second.  Then once the second coat is dry you will do the same with the metallic silver spray paint.  Let dry, then take sand paper and just start distressing away!  You can do as much distressing as you like depending on the look you want.  In the pictures below I have a close up of one of the letters so you could see even some of the cardboard shows through a little bit but it still looks great!

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